Two months and counting

Baby hot doog wraps - by Matt
Created by Matt in honor the pending baby boy with initials R E D

2014 has begun with a whole pile of organizing, purging, and planning. I’m thrilled to know that I am not the only one feeling motivated to be engaged in such activities. Everyone I talk to is reorganizing, cleaning closets, getting rid of stuff and baggage.

I’ve admitted to being someone who feels the change of numerical energy on New Year’s Day is the first of a three-step process of rebirth. The second is with the Chinese New Year shift from the Water Snake to the Wood Horse, happening this weekend. The third is the biggie – the spring equinox. That’s when the initiating energies are coming direct from Mother Earth.

We’ll have another baby in the family – due date for baby R E D is 3-22. These swaddled mini-hot dogs were created by my highly talented son-in-law, Matt. They were super cute and tasty as is everything he prepares. R E D  will be a “Yoda” baby, as Star Wars is the theme of his initial years. 

A Jedi is Born Cake

Grandpa Ed had fun at the baby shower. As a father of four girls, being included in a “women thing” event was more fun than a “manly poker party.”

A few days later he cleaned out a desk in his office, that he hasn’t used for years, to take to a daughter for her to use as she begins her new career. He couldn’t get at some of it, so I helped. There was a thick pocket folder in the back of the bottom cabinet that was all the medical and legal records from his car accident in 2002. Good grief! Purge! And as I sat at the shredder it was rather cathartic but the dates on some of those records were poignant as they coincided with my parents funerals. This is a triple whammy of emotional energy and it was really good to shred. I was tempted to burn it too.  

I’ve also been reorganizing my schedule, activities, email accounts, on line activities, writing time and more. So I’m going to follow the example of The Bloggess and just recount updates on activities that happened when I wasn’t blogging…

First, I think people are still buying and reading my novel, it may be available through B&N soon, and in print sometime this summer. No clue what the publisher plans. Second, I’m working on the prequel and the rewrite is going well but I may pursue a different publishing schedule and format.

In other news, the Author Marketing 101 book has a new format and cover and is available everywhere. Plus, we just presented at Jessica Morrell’s “Making It in Changing Times” conference – and that was a blast! We’ve got another presentation this weekend for the NIWA first annual conference. So I anticipate more fun!

As VP of Programs for Rose City Romance Writers, I’m co-coordinating a mini-conference for March 8th, and I’m totally excited about this! The one message I have for those who are anticipating shifts and changes in energy is – choose your path. Fore-warned is fore-armed and the more limits, and phobias , or expectations that are chosen – will be there. Boundaries, chosen wisely, are a good thing.

Lyndsay Baby Shower 043“Be care-full what you wish for” is my advice. All these activities are my passion and fun – but – it’s also a bit exhausting. The greatest blessing for me, as a baby person, is that I can watch a five-month-old baby girl totally enthralled with her first balloon experience. For a half hour. Laughing gleefully. Just figuring out that her hands can make this bubble move, and make noise.

And her parents post videos online as she grunts through pooping. This may not be your thing. I love it.

Life is Good!

4 thoughts on “Two months and counting

  1. I just returned the other day from spending 11 days on vacation in S. California to attend my mothers 80th surprise birthday party. I got to spend time with 5 great nieces and nephews ages ranging from 9 months to 4 years old. It is fun to see each react to various people and things. I am a baby lover and giggle at their antics.


  2. Leni Dragar

    Exciting changes for you and Ed and us as well! Our first grand baby is due on 3/9 & the next one on 7/2! I am also purging and organizing and working on my business! 2014 will be a good year! ❤️


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