The Galloping has begun…

Ed built all this 15+ years ago. Quality craftsmanship weathers well.

Ed built all this 15+ years ago. Quality craftsmanship weathers well.

The Snow-pocolypse in Portland, Oregon has ended and we’re back to the water deluge that is our normal winter. We’ll see how the season plays out in the weeks ahead, I’m predicting it will be muddy. There were good things about being snowed-in for four days but there was also time to dwell on how things change, and why it’s good to create new routines and lifestyles. This is what all the purging and organizing energy is all about. You’re probably doing it too, aren’t you. <wink>

I had time to catch up on my online reading and creating a new reader feed for the blogs I feel are worthy to read while still scanning all the others for interesting tidbits and industry news.  Then I read the post by Rob and Trish: “Game Changers and what resonated with me was:

But the older I get, the clearer it becomes that what I’m really talking about here is: how do I want to spend the rest of the time I have on the planet?

Does your time on this planet matter to you?

When I look at my ancestral life spans I could easily be facing another 25-30 years of being active, alert, and capable of doing some pretty cool stuff with my life.  Not that I have a famous Grandma Moses in my family tree, but there were plenty of women with her spunk.

I know lots of people get introspective about their life purpose and what makes life worth living, but it is often when they are overwhelmed with challenge, illness, or trauma. There’s worry and concern about how much time they have left to live and whether they will have the money, or the companionship, or whatever they feel is needed to avoid misery.

Heavy duty contemplation on the value of being alive is best done when feeling fully alive.

If I was told I had 3 to 5 years to live – I’d choose to spend it snuggling grand-babies. I’m “into” babies. My girls know that I am personally devoted to Baby Care, not Child Care. When my grandbabies become children they need to be with someone who can stimulate their creativity. Wiping toddlers butts and arguing with three-year-olds.. not my thing. Been there, done that. After babies, pre-teens from the age of 9 to 13 are fascinating individuals. Teenagers need a great support system with aunts and uncles… Just sayin’…

Have you considered Einstien’s Proof of God – because Caroline Miller can do it in under 500 words. That’s the current theme of online media, what can you say in Less Than x # words or characters.  The mark of a good writer is making a point as well.

Sandra Harris presented her Blueprint for a Romantic Hero in less than 200 words. It’s a great example of why I adore being an insider in Romancelandia. There are also times I look around Romancelandia and realize its a group of women in varying stages from puberty to menopause, defending their objectives to oogle men, be a princess, and live the fantasy that a happily ever after agenda at any age, guarantees bliss until death.

Romance novelists are a unique breed of writer and I love their tenacity. And now I am one. And I can announce that my publisher has made my novel available as a B&N nookBook now in addition to Amazon Kindle – at the same price of only $2.99. I also have it up on Goodreads now so I can start submitting it for reviews. Yet, my road to becoming a romance novelist has been a bit wacky so I think my marketing campaign should being on April Fools Day.

In conclusion, the reality that I am a co-coordinator for a mini-writer conference in Portland, Oregon still boggles my mind.

That’s why I’m delighted to consider I have decades yet to surprise myself with what I am capable of creating.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

8 Responses to The Galloping has begun…

  1. Rose L. says:

    I often find myself thinking about the years I have left of my life (hopefully many good ones). There are things I wish I had done, but now cannot. I know I want to “lighten” my life, rid myself of many things that are unnecessary and just “weight” on me. Important are those in my life and times I can spend with them. There are places I would love to see and a few things I want to do. It is unfortunate that money matters in these plans. But I hope to achieve my goals.


  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    Congrats on the wider network. I’ll hop over to Goodreads soon and make sure we’re connected. The snowstorm was good in many way (we still have traces of the white stuff here) and I was able to get a lot of writing in and get realistic about how to figure out all the updates/promo/social media I’d like to participate in more. You are so right though, we only have so much time allotted on this planet. Eventually, I hope to travel again. Far and wide. PS- be sure to submit review copies to Coffee Time Romance and Night Owl


  3. Trish says:

    Thanks for the mention, Terri! Can’t wait to read your book and great that the pub made it available as a nook, too….Here’s to the next 30-40 years!


    • Who would have thought that “shelf-life” and “out-of-print” would become irrelevant options for books? These are exciting times and we have (at least) decades yet to experience …


  4. Trish says:

    May that be so.


  5. My grandson is three and a bit now and I find it a wonderful age. Sure I’ve done it before but this time it’s somehow just as special. We are the best of friends and he takes me into his world where everything is fresh and magical. I want this to be part of the rest of the time I have on this planet (plus lots more besides, of course!)


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