Shared Bumps

My youngest daughters 34 week Baby Bump Selfie

34 week Baby Bump Selfie

Baby Bump “selfie” photos are becoming common and I think it’s great. As I’ve scrolled through my social media feeds these past few years I watched the Baby Bumps of nieces; daughters, their friends, grow.  My delight in baby-bump-selfie’s is two fold.

The primary reason is that maternity blouses I wore had pleats so the fabric could tent out as needed. Those loose tops were plaid, paisley, gingham, striped and often pre-worn. I never bought maternity tops as there were plenty being passed around. Our dresses resembled muumuus. We were the Baby Boomer generation and we restyled maternity clothes into fashionable wear worthy of being photographed, even as a selfie in the bathroom before going to work, to post on social media.

The greater delight is the young mothers are proud to share their baby bumps as they progress through the trimesters. My generation fought for the right to choose our lifestyle and be respected as professionals, even as moms. Baby Boomer inventors also put their attention into more than stylish clothing. My daughters have snap-lock car seats; rough terrain strollers, and padded reclining high chairs on wheels, for their babies. Even the “diaper” bags have an appropriate number of right sized pockets, and thermal inserts for bottles, and they come in solid colors with no cartoons or frills. But there are plenty of cartoon, pastel, and frilly choices too.

I’m not saying all baby boomers have made an effort to enrich the lives of generations to come. A woman my age is often yelling at or threatening her almost 80-yr-old widowed mother. Elder abuse is as common as narcissism and I may not be able to change what others do, but I can call it harmful and shine the light on the issue. In this case the victim has other supportive children and can take care of herself but it helped them all to have me recognize what I saw and heard, and call it like it is. Until then there was a lot of keeping-it-hidden in hopes it would go away, or maybe be fixed by divine intervention.

Whatever the generational label for the children of boomers may be, the women I see in my media feeds showing their baby bumps are all college educated; professionals, married, and homeowners. I’m sure there are many 20-something women who are none of, or some of, the above and also proudly show their baby bumps on social media because they are excited and proud to become mothers. And yet, looking back, their generation was the first to be empowered to expose child abuse though there are still issues in that process.

Every generation, and family, has their bumps and they always start out as baby bumps.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Shared Bumps

  1. Trish says:

    I’ve got baby bump pics! Love it.


  2. Rose L. says:

    I remember when my sister and sister-in-law were pregnant, they wore clothing big enough to be loose and comfy. But when I see pregnant young women nowadays, they are in such tight clothing that the shape of their tummies is very pronounced and often you can even see the belly button!!! There must be a reasonable in-between.


  3. Jamie Brazil says:

    LOL, thx for correct spelling of muumuu and the link!


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