Babies Be Here

7 mos old Kaedence Grace meets 2 hour old cousin Robert Edward.
7 mos old Kaedence Grace meets 2 hour old cousin Robert Edward.

It is Spring! And there are babies blooming all over the country. It could be that I’m so delighted to be playing with grand-babies as my day job that I am seeing babies everywhere. Or it could be that I am of an age where most of my friends are posting pictures of their grand-babies and my daughters are sharing pictures of their friends babies. Or it could be that our social-online-world gives us greater opportunities to share these highlights of our lives.

Last week I sat in my daughter’s home, and read a whole chapter out loud to Kaedence. She was highly entertained to have me sitting in the room, talking, while she played with her toys and occasionally turned around to talk or sing at me.

RED burp
One week old Robbie

In Oregon we are getting spring-teaser-days. That means the weather is nice enough on some days to motivate us into yard clean up and pressure washing the mud film off walks and decks. We just had two teaser days and spent them both outside. I’m worn and sore but we are back to cold, windy and rainy weather for the rest of the week. The view through the window is of early spring so that makes me feel lighter. I’ve also cleaned closets, purged junk drawers, and donated bags full of books.

I’ve got Spring Fever so bad this year it’s a good thing I have babies I can sit and hold for hours while they sleep.

4 thoughts on “Babies Be Here

  1. Children are a window to the youth we have almost forgotten. I love to lay next to a sleeping child and just listen to them breathe, drown in their sweet scent (well, not when dirty diapers), look at their rosy cheeks and downy hair, and relish in the miracle of them.
    And watching and experiencing the world through them is so much fun!!


  2. Just had the pleasure of looking after my two grandchildren Lucy, 1yr3m, and Sammy, 3yr8m. Luckily they live nearby so I see them lots and I have a special relationship with Sammy. We are so in tune with each other, I’m sure we have been together in another life. I ‘knew’ him from the moment I saw him when he was just 4 hours old.

    Sorry, mustn’t ramble on about them!

    Enjoy your grand-babies.


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