It’s April Already?

April 1st is the designated Foolishness for Fun day but I’ve never been good at that and even aware not to trust anything I read or see, there’s always a Huh? I’d hate to respond to something and then find out it is a spoof.

RED-y for Punk Rock concert
Newest Grandson, Robbie. 3 Weeks old and ready for a Punk Rock concert.

What’s not a spoof is this month is going to be a doozy of stellar energies.

Christina, The Oxford Astrologer states:

Two eclipses and the Cardinal Grand Cross. That’s quite enough drama for one month surely.

To read your horoscope click here.

Do read the long intro first this month because it explains a bit more about the Cardinal Cross and shows you how you can think about it for yourself.

For a different flavor of forcasts: Gaia Astrology-Moon Magic is not as easy to read because of the colors used on the website, but Steve uses gentler words about these stellar aspects. Both of these posts offer a whole lot to read while the energies being explained are not about reading a whole lot.

So instead, check out “The Art of Sight” by Monica at Symbolreader.

In other news, I am only on day two of my new-job-routine and there was an issue with my vacuum. When there’s 3 dogs and a baby in the same room, I want a really easy vacuum in the house. Little Robbie only has two dogs in the house and a great vacuum. But his cousin Kaedence is 7 months and starting to crawl so the vacuum issue is a bigger deal as this grammy-nanny really doesn’t want layers of dog shed included in her formative skills.

Maybe that’s the lesson of the stars, at least for me, this month. Choose what battles matter, then add the “horse power” since 2014 is the Year of the Horse. And the first battle is choosing what’s got the best power to suck… I’ll avoid expounding on a beater brush… I’ve got a novel to write.

6 thoughts on “It’s April Already?

  1. Rather than choosing battles, I’ve made a list of “I-don’t-wannas”, and day by day do a little towarad checking them off. Good luck and joy on your “new job.”


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