When the moon is not mundane

If you had the chance to see the Full Blood-Moon Eclipse, yeah! The mundane aspects of this eclipse have been analyzed and debated through astrology circles for months. “Mundane” means general-global, applicable to all, as the moon and tides apply to weather and gravity and mysterious creatures who sprout hair and howl.

The grandbabies that thriving. 4-week-old Robert and 8-month-old Kaedence.

The grandbabies are thriving. 4-week-old Robert and 8-month-old Kaedence.

Fortunately none of the apocalyptic predictions have come true but the wild and wacky energy will continue for weeks. I won’t be watching the news. This moon cycle, since the new moon in Libra on Oct 5th 2013 to this full moon in Libra last night, has been a roller coaster ride. It’s like I’ve been riding from peak to peak though there was sludge on the tracks through the valleys.

It’s now week three of my full-time grammy-nanny job and I can feel the potential benefits for my writing already. My next novel is finally getting drafted! The problem with writing it is that I didn’t know it was the book to write, because I was working on revising something else, and there’s been dramas and babies and conferences to run. Then I got sucked into learning more about Google+, and excuse, excuse, excuse.

Fortunately I had a wonderful plot-storming session with Gina Fluharty and she set me straight. She gave me a piece of my own advice. Don’t you just love it when you struggle for months trying to make a decision, or get a project in gear, and then realize why its not happening and you should have figured it out all along…

I blame the moon. It ain’t been mundane for me, it’s been personal  and awesome.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to When the moon is not mundane

  1. Rose L. says:

    The grand kiddies are adorable. I stayed up to see the blood moon, but clouds covered it up!! Darn!


  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    Keep at it! And BTW, glad to know about this full moon in Libra business — explains a lot


  3. Trish says:

    And next, the solar eclipse in Taurus. Double new moon double the opportunities. Get ready, folks. We’ve all got Taurus somewhere in our charts.

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