Power Wash

Spiked Helmet 1
This is our eldest using Ed’s new power washer to clean her two story home and driveway.

Whew – we’re past the biggie stellar energies and we’ve survived! I believe things will lighten up now and May could be wonderful for many. You can read about this at jbuss astrology – “Everybody survive?”  The most important point is to remember that once we’ve learned a new truth, or had an epiphany, there’s no going back.

The best metaphor I read about this journey is that the symphony within our DNA is now harmonious with the heavens. Doesn’t that sound peachy? Do you hear the music? For me it has felt more like a psychic and physical power wash. For months.

Power washing is an annual requirement for homes, gutters, drives, and everything that endures the Pacific NW environment. Ed has always been one for power tools and I and our girls know how to use them.

Ed is no longer allowed on ladders as he tends to topple, but he can hold the ladder. This means he was under the constant spray as our eldest cleaned the front of her home, and as he had no hat used the most practical thing available. Our five-year-old grandsons bike helmet.

In other news, the weather is awesome and summer like as it was this time last year but I won’t be kayaking in the 80 degree sunshine this week. I have grandbabies to take on walks to the park and a trip to New Orleans in less than two weeks!

A close up view.
A close up view.

My grammy-nanny routine is working out better than I hoped and I’m writing the first draft of my next novel in hundreds of words daily. It’s a horrible disaster; scenes totally out of order, loads of purple prose, hopping heads,  stilted dialogue, and characters floating around naked in gray space because I haven’t fleshed out the setting or picked out their wardrobe.

This is the super fun stage for me but I am embracing this creativity instead of finding the time to write between other tasks. As one reader recently said to me, “There’s no way I could ever write a book. Your brain never turns off, does it?”

Nope. There’s always one part of my brain that is constantly chugging along with the story. (It’s a good thing I am able to multitask.) But that reader comment made me claim my talent. I can write a book. There is no going back. I’ve been power washed. Cue the music.

4 thoughts on “Power Wash

  1. I am sorry, but Ed in that helmet…now THAT’S a look!!!!! You sure are good at multitasking. Where do you get the energy!? I have hard enough time just balancing two things!


  2. Rose

    Love the description of the passionate mayhem of finding and building characters. So true. So very naked and purple. Btw I will never see Ed in any other hat again. He has it all over Indiana Jones.


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