NOLA 104

One of the small events for attendees to choose between the big events.

I’m also sneezing, coughing, and my ability to hear has finally returned. I blame the clogged ears on a week in air conditioning. I don’t like it. At All. Which is why I love being back in Oregon. Except now I’ve also got the basic spring allergies making me groggy.

Last week while I was in New Orleans the weather fluctuated from chill 50’s to humid 90’s, and the whole range between. The number of convention attendees increased daily which made the hum of conversation in the lobby build to a crescendo of sound as thick as a wall when the elevator doors opened.

I am not a crowd person.

I had a marvelous time!

However, being out of my comfort zone I was reminded more than once that my “mom” role was not required. My friends did not need my permission to have drinks or extra chocolate with lunch. I think we’re all still friends…

I also got to see an actual “stalker” scenario. A friend posted a picture to Facebook of her pre-dinner cocktail, and someone saw it as an invitation to crash our dinner party. And that’s just one tidbit. We took a ghost tour one evening and did a pub crawl the next eve. I think. The schedule and activities are still a blur. I also forgot to go to the tea party and get my leaves read.

I'm sitting between the trees knees during a walking tour of The Garden District

I’m sitting between the trees knees during a walking tour of The Garden District

I don’t bounce back from traveling, or marvelous times, as quickly as I did in previous decades. Ed also had a tough time staying awake until 1:00 am to pick me up at the airport. It took until now for me to catch up on my sleep.

It will be next week until I can follow up on all the stuff I did, and connect with the people I met.

I have read one of the books in the New Adult genre that I brought home. It is a NYT Bestseller. I was Not impressed. Fortunately I’ve started reading the second book on my stack and I am totally impressed, which shows how we all relate to stories in a personal way.

The last time I attended a convention this large was in 2005, in Reno. I plan to stick with small local events from now until 2023, unless I earn some VIP treatment and can avoid the herds…

I’m back into my grammy-nanny routine and this weekend will be off kayaking and camping with the older grandsons. I’m looking forward to summer activities.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to Breathing

  1. Rose L. says:

    A ghost tour sounds like fun! I did one here in Oregon City once!
    It was fun and interesting.


  2. Trish says:

    Do tell. I am also not fond of big crowds.


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