Family fun and more

Cousin Love

My Day Job. Cousin Love with 11-mos-old Kaedence and 4-mos-old Robbie

I’m a writer, a published novelist, with books to write, stories to tell, and projects in various stages of disorder.

I’m not really writing at the moment. I can blame Mercury Retrograde but the truth is, I’m “filling my well.” This is a phase writers must accept as part of the process. Writing is not all about daily-word-count, all year long.

There are seasons when the butt-in-chair works best and a writer must learn their seasons. I’m very seasoned now…

I’ve attended many motivational talks where the message was about how writers will never make it (succeed) unless that is the # 1 priority in their life. Women often fail at being writers because they tend to make their family a priority over their writing. Well, that makes me a failure as a writer at the moment. No worries, fall will arrive in a few months and I live in Oregon. We have amazing summer weather – and ten months of rain…

Ed visits me at work sometimes. Yoga baby always has a foot up on the tray when eating.

Ed visits me at work sometimes. Yoga baby always has a foot up on the tray when eating.

I haven’t had any time to really celebrate or promote the publication of my first novel. I know my publisher is very busy with all the other awesome novels in the catalog. I adore being part of an innovative company but this is familiar territory for me. I remember the whirly-dervish days. They are tons of fun but I’m happy to let other do that, at least this year…

I still haven’t contacted my publisher for a date when my novel will be available in print. No worries, it will happen sometime. I operate on five-year-plans and by 2019 I could have a few companion books, and package them all together…

Who knows what “publishing” will look like in five years? It’s only been seven years since the first Kindle ereader. Fortunately, storytelling is ingrained in our DNA as humans after the survival objectives are met. I think it’s shelter, food, and clothing for survival. Then we want community and stories…

My sister, Rose, is in town now, from Ohio, and adventures will commence. We’ve got a day trip to The Sisters on our schedule…

My two older grandsons

My two older grandsons

My grammy-nanny job has evolved into something I never would have agreed to at the beginning BUT I’ve realized it does Nourish My Soul and babies are such a short term thing…

Granny’s know the best time to pull back from too much contact is when the child can talk back – that stage is parenting and I’ve been-there-done-that.

I certainly didn’t let my 11-year-old child ride a 5-year-old sibling around the yard on a dirt bike. Of course I didn’t know what a dirt bike was back then, nor did I have that much yard…

Life is always an adventure, take the journey then write about it. That’s what I do…

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Family fun and more

  1. Rose L. says:

    Being a grammy is fun and fills a heart. I so enjoy my times with the little ones and how they love me. I know your writing is simmering inside waiting for the best time to serve it up! It is a given.


  2. Trish says:

    The stories wait – and then you tap into them and it all flows as it should!


  3. I haven’t been writing either and I agree with you about filling the well. So necessary. It sounds like you’re having lots of fun with that grands. I’m sure when you go back to writing you’ll be brimming with new ideas.


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