A time for plans, maybe

During full moons we like to place our crystals and special gems to be bathed in Luna light. But my sister and I were careful to make sure the moon had left Capricorn first. This is to get the recharge from the eccentric and freedom loving Water Bearer, who’s ruling planet is Uranus. (Cap’s planetary ruler is Saturn, the taskmaster.)

According to Jacqueline A. Carl  of the American Wildlife Foundation: “Today’s full moon, which I like to refer to as Dispute Moon because insects are at peak activity in August, is a Super Moon. Beware anyone who’s really affected by the cycles of the moon.” 

The caption on the bottom states:

Tonight will be a Super Full Moon. Which means the Moon is closet to earth than any other time making it appear much bigger than usual.

Not only is it a Supermoon but it coincides with the Perseid Meteor Shower so expect to see lots of shooting stars in the night sky. Remember to make a wish.

This supermoon is in Aquarius and that’s my sister’s sun sign. She is having back issues, specific to where the stars are placed on the goddess image.


Check out www.mysticmamma.com for a variety of insights regarding this full moon goddess energy.

In other news -My sister shared the insights of Philip Sedgwick who states There are four planets currently transiting Scorpio; Saturn, Mars, Vesta, and Ceres. It may surprise you that Vesta and Ceres are planets but when considering stellar advice it’s easier to go with the flow. Arguing with astrologers includes using terms like quincunx so I prefer to nod and smile a lot while listening to see if I can discern an energetic or psychic message for me.

Scorpio (deep water, secrets, and revenge energy!) rules my 4th house which represents HOME. This includes family life, my roots, my end of life, and real estate. Saturn is all about chores and restrictions, while Mars is all about action and battle. It’s a good thing I spend my days with a baby and a toddler who are super cute even when burping and pooping.

Vesta is the keeper of the home fires and Ceres is the ultimate advocate and I’m not really sure what that will mean for me. My meditation is all about creating a structure for my days that will benefit my spirit and inspire my creative writing projects.

Ed’s on a boys adventure with his grandsons so I went wandering along the Willamette River to soak in the views and clear my mind. Then I went into a small bookstore with the hope for a story to inspire me. Of course I found one, it was even on a display stand, and it is a book I’ve intended to read:

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess. I intend to only read one chapter a day as I know it’s going to be a long time before all these energies leave Scorpio.

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