Friday Night Take-Out

On the spur of the moment, my sister Sherri and I decided to meet at her place for dinner. Both our husbands were out of town but our weekend schedules didn’t allow time for a sisters-night. These involve wine and we usually solve the mysteries of the universe and all political unrest prior to midnight when we crawl into bed. In our younger days we were more raucous but I wasn’t spending the night. We were sharing take-out and I expected we’d eat on her back patio.

She had just returned from picking up our take-out, from the Italian restaurant less than a mile away, when I pulled in. I was freshly showered with hair still wet and neither of us had done our hair or makeup as this was casual time.

fostoria 003But when I got inside, her dining table was decked out with linen cloths under Fostoria American clear plates, water glasses, wine goblets, and more. Our mom had a full set and now Sherri has them displayed in her home and she does use them, though usually not for take-out. Our mom always said that no matter how pretty or fragile, china and crystal was meant to be used but with special care. Rose probably has a few Fostoria pieces, and I have the square pedestal cake plate. Sherri has a round one but she sort of covets my square one.

We had extra fun sharing our take-out dinner with the fancy place settings and maybe it made the food taste better, but even take-out from Bugatti’s is awesome. When I got home I looked at my cake plate and realized I probably hadn’t used it in a few years. I keep it on top of the cupboard over my stove and I could tell it was dirty. I’ve never used it to serve a cake but all kinds of other desserts have been stacked or displayed on it for parties. There were many years I’d turn it upside down and put it in the center of the table to be a family Easter basket full of goodies, when the girls were young.

I took it down today and washed it up. There was a short few seconds where I wondered if maybe I should give it to Sherri to complete her set but then quickly knew I wouldn’t. Instead, I think I’ll use it more on random occasions.

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