Rainy Days are Writing Days

92414 005It smells like fall here in Oregon, and the cloudy skies and intermittent drizzles is great for reading and writing. I’m fascinated to review the past year, or twelve, with my sister as we discuss astrology aspects. Having grammy-nanny duties (currently full-time) has made me do a lot of reassessing of my time and energy.

I can tell I am now in better shape physically than I have been for years because babies don’t allow an “I’m tired and I just want to sit” excuse. Both of them are capable of entertaining themselves with my attention to occasional games and songs. Robbie is sitting up and rolling everywhere, Kaedence is walking and now has her first pair of sneakers! The play really well together and wear each other out so take long naps at the same time. That’s when I’m resting too.

I am amazed at the difference technology has brought to my lifestyle since I was raising my own babies. I’ve also been fascinated to be active in a variety social media venues but mostly as an observer this past  year. By the holiday season I will be a full-time writer again (while returning to part time grammy-nanny duties) and know that social media will be part of my career activities. I intend to have fun with it.

But for now, I am still enthralled with truly living in the moment day-by-day. It is such a rare opportunity when a baby discovers their toes for the first time, or a toddler squeezes a wilting rose and is splashed with rain water. Everything is worthy of laughter, clapping, and singing.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days are Writing Days

  1. Children add laughter, warmth, and discovery into your lives. Everything is seen in a new light when viewing it through their eyes and with them. And wait til they start talking! Some of the thinks they say will be so funny and surprising!


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