October is here in Retro

October is here and I’ve seen it referred to as Rock-tober in more than one of my media feeds. I really don’t have the time or energy to research why October is rockin, so if you know, please share in the comments.

Here’s two links for really easy and simplified predictions for the month ahead. My advice for people who don’t know about rising and moon signs is to compare and contrast at least two or three of these type of short blurbs and have fun with it. These are general and mundane types of predictions so there’s nothing to fear.



Of course Mercury Retrograde is flavoring the entire month and Theresa Reed has a delightful essay explaining that at http://www.thetarotlady.com/mercury-retrograde/

handstands on the beach
A Day at the Beach – April 24th, 2012

This means it’s really Retro October this year and I’m probably going to think of it as RetROber. Which may be all the brainpower I have, or not. We’ll see.

My grammy-nanny days will continue as 12 hour days, 5 days a week, through October as my daughter completes her new job training period. I only have both babies three days a week, and the long days are with the one-year-old who is now walking, and takes nice long NAPS! And those days when I have both, they wear each other out now more than wear me out. My eldest daughters are only 13 months apart in age so I’m savvy with playing these babies together so I can stand back and be the clown. I’ve also got the right touch for babies to fall asleep in my arms. And they are adorable. Even so, I’m rather impressed that I’m holding strong through this level of daily non-stop exercise. I’m sure it’s research for something I’ll write about someday. It’s like I’m training for a marathon even though I have no intention to ever do anything like that. Marathons are not on my bucket list, the training is too grueling.

Writing for baby or parenting mags is not on my bucket list either. But I’m becoming utterly fascinated by these 20-to-30 something parents who entered their adult stage with college, careers, and choices, in their personal histories. They also have more technology than Star Trek, and can Google, Skype, and GPS their work commute to avoid traffic delays. They also have terrorists; climate change, global unrest on many layers, in addition to unknown assault weapons and meth labs in their neighborhoods. [This could explain the vampires, zombies, superheroes, and wizarding schools that they call entertainment.]

I’ve always loved October and the fall season. [I’m going to avoid ranting about Santa ads!] This is the season for celebration over the abundance we’ve sown through the year – that will sustain us until spring. [Unless you live in the southern hemisphere and are beginning your summer fun!]

This October is going to be a good time to rewind and reflect on a personal basis.

For at least one month of your life, this October, make the effort to ignore anything and everything that generates fear, stress, or worry.

Review, refresh, redo, relax. Re-purpose, re-train, re-new…

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Hellen Keller

5 thoughts on “October is here in Retro

  1. First time visiting you via Mike Perry’s blog. Out looking for new reads. I’m in the southern US – not sure if that solar eclipse will be spectacular here or not. Ironic to visit on the very day. Then again it seems the whole day, so far, has been strange – I miss the babysitting days – the last one in college but I get text messages to let me know I missed and loved. If she only knew!! So enjoyed my visit – I’ll be back.


    1. Hi Dixie, I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I expect to be blogging more often as my babysitting time and days decrease soon. I like what I’ve read on your blog and the mix of poetry, stories, and images.

      This whole month has been unusual and I appreciate having an astrologer sister to shed a different perspective on anything from the global news to why I feel tense or foggy.

      It’s nice to meet you and Mike Perry’s blog is a daily must read for me, for years. 😀


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