Dark and Drippy Days

Oct 14 box 012I survived retRober by being very, very busy and rather quiet. The quiet related to both conversations and written exchanges because I felt primed and ready for a fight most of the month. As verbal debates are not my forte I’m sure I would have tripped over my tongue while putting a foot or two in my mouth. Daily prompts in my Facebook and Google+ social news feeds to practice gratitude and patience was good.

Being able to spend the majority of my time this month with two beautiful, healthy and happy grandchildren has been awesome. There’s a lot to learn and contemplate when observing how much joy and laughter happens with empty boxes and tossing dirty laundry.

With Robbie and his other grandma, Stormie, Kaedence and I have an hour long excursion on Thursday mornings to the library for Tiny Tots songs, story time, toys, and bubbles. Then Kaedence naps for more than two hours! One-year-old is a magical age in the life of a child, and it’s very short. She’s solidly into her toddler stage and Robbie is only a few months behind. He’s got his first teeth and can roll or army crawl across a room pretty fast if there’s some shiny electronic components, or wires, in sight. Every day I count it a blessing that I have this time with these little angels, and every evening I am totally thrilled to go home.

I feel I have nurtured my soul with my grammy-nanny duties though they were a lot longer and more intense than I expected. But that’s okay because one year is pretty short because I now measure my life by the decades.

I’ve been an active blogger for five years now, which is only a half decade, and this is the first time it’s been a whole month between posts. That will change soon because the other stuff I’ve been busy with is my transition from aspiring novelist to published novelist. One aspect of that is organizing storyboards and binders which is part of my writing process now, and really only interesting if you want to write novels. If you care you can read about it on the SMP author blog, then read all the other posts from other authors on topics that I find highly important, and they tell it better than I ever could.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I may go to a party, in costume. November is NaNoWriMo and I intend to meet a daily word count and whip a new novel into shape. So my days of being really busy and rather quiet may continue. There is too much drama going on around me right now and I’m taking notes for future novels. Dark and Drippy Days are great fodder for future romance novels.

3 thoughts on “Dark and Drippy Days

    1. I went as a high school student. It was a Harry Potter themed party and there was not a lot of time between coming home and leaving in costume. So the high school letterman jacket that two of my daughters wore; and added special decals to, that still hangs in my office closet, seemed to call to me. Easy. Extra heavy on the eye makeup and I styled my hair to sweep across my face.
      The final Harry Potter books were released while my girls were in high school, so it worked. And since it was a small party at a daughters’ home – my costume was a hit.


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