Ruffling Pages

I’m very tired and a bit euphoric. My author copies arrived from my publisher today. I am now holding a novel in my hand. My novel!

It was released in September of 2013 into the Amazon Prime program and by this February other ebook formats were available through Soul Mate Publishing and Barnes & Noble. And Now It’s In PRINT too.

The story to write this novel is a story of its own. Plus, one week after that initial release the Author Marketing 101 book I co-authored with C. Morgan Kennedy was also released, in all formats, with scheduled workshops and more for months. Grammy-nanny days were also claiming my energy, and there was a writer conference I co-coordinated this past March. (It’s all posted here on this blog.)

But now, The Book is here in my hand, and I am working on writing the stories that will be companion novels to this one. My universe has shifted. A dream I had is now a book I can hold.


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