Imagining Literature

My love of reading began with Science Fiction and Fantasy novels and were one of the reasons I had no dream of being a writer as a child. I could not imagine building a whole world but have always loved experiencing other planets; and dimensions, and times, and species, and… This love as a reader has never faded and I am thrilled that this form of storytelling is finally being valued as literature.

Some of Ursala K. Le Guin’s quotes in her speech are stellar.

I rejoice in accepting it and sharing it with all the writers who were excluded from literature for so long, my fellow authors of fantasy and science fiction, writers of the imagination. Who, for the last fifty years watched the beautiful awards go to the so called realists.

Right now, I think we need writers who know the difference between the production of a market commodity and the practice of art.

Books are not just commodities; the profit motive is often in conflict with the aims of art.

We will need writers who can remember freedom.

Ursula included some very pointed comments regarding the business of authorship and publishing in her acceptance speech and I applauded them as if I was in the room.

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