Visions and what’s next

Arkkade-Mary face 31515At least once a year, or when I feel some type of change is pending in my life journey, I take the time for deep meditations with intent for guidance. This is no different than annual medical checkups – which I recommend. In my family we have as many scientists and medical professionals as we have esoteric practitioners; there are also teachers and writers and musicians, and all sorts of business professionals.

During 2005 – 2008, my annual life journey check-ups were with an awesome spiritual teacher-life counselor. Being able to review those readings years later are super fascinating. There was so much laughing on the 2008 CD! Laughter? During a life counseling session? Yes. There was also the assurance that I had the skills to counsel myself. As an aspiring romance novelist, and mother to four of the most amazing women on planet earth, being my own life counselor meant I could READ BOOKS.

Ahh, Nirvana.

In 2007 I started my own annual-checkup-deep meditation process. My intention was for insight regarding my future and chosen life purpose. And I did have a vision. It was short but very clear. I saw myself walking across a stage, thanking someone, then taking my place at a podium before a large audience in an auditorium. And it felt good. But that’s where the vision ended with no insight into what I would present, or why I was an authority on my topic. The clarity of the vision wouldn’t fade, and no other insight was forthcoming, so I accepted that public speaking was in my future.

A few months later I enrolled in the local community college. Public speaking was only one of my classes. I haven’t experienced that vision yet but I have done lots more public speaking and workshops in recent years. Last year I had another one of those clear visions. There was a whole lot going on in my life as I tend to be involved in more than one project, or agenda, at a time. So I was really surprised to have a very clear vision of myself in a long coat, wearing a hat, walking a small white dog. Everything else was very misty and surreal except this vision of me from behind, walking into the mist with this little white dog. It had to be a metaphor.

I’m very comfortable with visions being metaphors or similes.

There were so many dogs around me, one daughter has three and the other has two – and these are the homes where I was spending my time as granny-nanny. Plus, in Chinese Astrology the animal image for Ed is a dog. I’m a pig. I also knew that Ed needed a new dog. I also missed my Amber, a golden retriever, who left our family in 2006. Two weeks after we brought Arkkade home, when it was time to take her for a walk, it was a rainy day as is common in Oregon during the winter.

I opened the coat closet and instead of the hooded jacket I usually wore I noticed the old rain coat I had since we lived in New Jersey during the 1990’s. I put it on and saw a hat I had bought a few months earlier. I’ve never been a hat person but I had been shopping with my friend Gina a few months earlier,  and we went into this cool hat shop…

I was well into the misty fog of our heavily treed dead-end-road when I realized I was living that mist-enshrouded vision. Arkkade was unaffected as I stopped to laugh – she just settled into the overgrowth at the side of the gravel road and took a poop.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to Visions and what’s next

  1. Rose L. says:

    Sometimes I experience deja vu, knowing I have seen a place or experienced it before though never been. I am not sure if they were from “visions” or dreams or ????


    • These were clear and surprising pictures in my mind that I did my best to forget because they didn’t make sense, and it was months before I took any action. I weigh pros and cons, question and test theories, especially if it’s a bit woo-woo.


  2. Barb says:

    I like to use the Lenten season for inner cleansing (as well as Spring Cleaning). Maybe I’ll start wearing hats again, too?


  3. Trish says:

    Love it! Your vision and all of it….Nicely done, inner self!


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