Reno and Ribs

Reno signOur travel adventures are probably done for at least a few months but with this Reno-Tahoe trip we realized how much we like it. As we planned this trip I looked through our map cupboard (I love maps) and pulled out the Drive America road atlas. This is three books featuring maps for the entire country, separated by East, Central, and Western states. The date on the copyright page is 1981 and the Eastern book is a bit tattered as we lived in NJ for 15 years. Now we’ve creased the binding of the Western a bit more.

Decorated town
Virginia City Nevada

We quickly visited Reno and Lake Tahoe about twelve years ago and decided it was time to do so again. Our first stop was Ashland, OR and the biggest change, since daughter #3 attended college there ten years ago, is the air quality. Students and artisans tend to gather on the streets as the town is vibrant in the evenings, and recreational marijuana is now legal in Oregon. All smoking is banned in buildings and city parks but there are plenty of public smoking areas.

Pipers Opera House
Pipers Opera House, Virginia City, NV

Route 66 was our choice to take from Ashland and as we started east on that historic road there was a warning for vehicle limits, and images of trucks and hauling trailers where banned from the road ahead. We calculated the length of our truck and 30′ travel trailer and were well under those limits, but the warning was enough to know to expect lots of tight turns ahead. That those turns skirted the edge of cliffs, on roads that were very uneven, meant that after a few gasps and comments about the contents of our drawers and cabinets shifting, we were rather silent for miles until the road leveled, widened, and had well marked lanes. There were quite a few vehicles using that road but for us it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Mark Twain
Mark Twain and the desk he used as a reporter, before he became famous.

The road on the OR/CA border was flat, level, wide and straight and  we arrived at the lovely Eagle Lake Resort early in the day and thought we’d have a chance to boat around the lake.  Except the lake has been drying up for the past five years and the view of water from the end of the dock was about a mile distant. We were assured the south end of the lake was large, deep and great for water sports but we just couldn’t get there by boat. This meant we relaxed instead as it was Monday and we were the only campers. The managers, Gary and Vicki, were very friendly and we had a lot of fun with them that evening. We left there expecting to be in Reno in two hours but chose a delay when we saw a Les Schwab in Susanville, CA. Ed wanted the trailer brakes checked and adjusted after our experience on Route 66. As we waited, Gary and Vicki arrived as they had tire issues and we had more fun visiting with them. I love when things like this happen!

Silver mine construction under the down of Virginia City. All lumber was transported from Tahoe.
Silver mine construction under the town of Virginia City. All lumber was transported from Tahoe.

When we arrived in Reno with the intent to explore for a few days, especially Virginia City, we learned our trip was timed with the opening days of a tenth annual week long Nugget Rib Cook-Off. This was a succulent bonus! We were at one of the top five RV resorts in Nevada bike, swim, and explore the history of silver mining and visit the Mark Twain museum but also sampled award winning ribs and sauces.

Reno Stead TowerOur final tour before we left Reno for Lake Tahoe was of the Reno-Stead Airport. This is where the Reno Air Races take place every year and Ed plans to attend that event someday. It is scheduled for this week, but we are home and “back to work” while also anticipating the birth of another grandbaby. However, for Ed, visiting the Reno-Stead airport was enough for now.

From there we only had a few hours drive to Lake Tahoe, and more days of fun.

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