Tahoe Revisit

Us at Tahoe

A nice man took our picture for us since we don’t have one of those selfie sticks. It’s the way we’ve gotten many pictures together over the years.

It’s time to wrap up this series of trips for the season. The trailer is clean, all water pipes drained, and it is stored for the winter. We’ll have many nice days ahead but not only am I done traveling for a while I’m still processing all the adventures, sorting pictures, and organizing my notes for future novels. I like juggling a full cast of characters in my novels which justifies lots of research trips to write those characters stories.

Looking west from the deck of The Dixie II

Looking west from the deck of The Dixie II

It’s only 18 days since our return, and not only do we have another grandson already but there’s been a plethora of changes and activities in my home and with my family, near and far, that are claiming my attention as fodder for novels and more! I love when using the word “plethora” is the right word.

The tea house on top of the island.

The tea house on top of the island.

Lake Tahoe is still abundantly scenic as the water is pristine and the shoreline dramatic. During our visit in 2003 we were amused that the south eastern section (in Nevada) was like a tiny version of Las Vegas with casinos, tall hotels, wedding chapels, but also with mountain ski resorts. Back then, as soon as we crossed Stateline Road into California the street surface narrowed and was more worn. The buildings were suddenly only one or two stories and surrounded by trees. The roadside/lakefront motels and inns were aged and rustic. It amused us every time we crossed from state to state because we stayed in CA for the night but our activities were in NV.

Maria at Tahoe City shows the water level is down about ten feet. It was lower at the northern end of the lake.

Marina piers at Tahoe City shows the water level is down about ten feet. It was lower at the northern end of the lake.

Now there is no drastic difference as to which part of South Lake Tahoe is part of NV or CA. This was explained to us as the area is now governed from a national parks/politics level so neither the gambling laws or water resources are subjected to a potential feud between the states.  It caters to international tourism and is a stunning place to visit for the architecture and landscapes, even for us who don’t gamble or ski.

Tahoe City is charming with shops and street dining. It smelled really good but all we ate was heavenly ice cream.

Tahoe City is charming with shops and street dining. It smelled really good but all we ate was heavenly ice cream.

We now have two photos of us taking the lake cruise on The Dixie II, a dozen years apart. We still look the same, except we were both wearing sunglasses and darker clothes the first time. Our visit in 2003 was about seven months after Ed was in a nasty auto accident and he was still on meds that messed with his personality almost as much as the impact had misaligned his body. As his caretaker and pack-mule at the time it was during that trip when I began to doubt his potential for recovery. There was a dark cloud hanging over us at that time so revisiting Lake Tahoe this summer was significant. We made fun new memories that override the old ones and without it being planned, the pictures reflect the difference and smiles and eyes are bright now.

We watched this Chinook helicopter with a full fire fighting bucket of water from the Deschutes River during our final lunch before heading home. I’m glad I had a camera!

For our trip home we didn’t have a reservation anywhere but knew we would have to stop at least one night so would be open to whatever looked interesting. Our route was farther east in CA and OR than our trip south and we had a list of potential places to explore if they looked interesting. Alas, the years of drought meant we passed by deserted resorts along dry lake beds and extremely low reservoirs. We just kept driving until we got to Sunriver and the same resort we’d been to in May as our first full trial trip before Yellowstone. Our traveling really had a full circle finish this way.

We took an extra day clearing out the trailer before heading for home. It was amusing to see how we over-prepared and over-stocked as novices for these RVing adventures.  We’re already discussing destinations and events for next year.


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2 Responses to Tahoe Revisit

  1. Rose L. says:

    I am happy to hear the new memories have filled those crevices from the old ones from previous trip. It sounds like you had a great trip!


  2. Trish says:

    Looks beautiful and inviting!


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