29 = Grace Under Pressure

The launch of T. J. Brown’s Summerset Abbey at Powells on Sunday was enough reason for my

Delilah, Elizabeth, Laura, Teri

Delilah, Elizabeth, Laura, Teri

friend Elizabeth Boyle to come to Portland with her fellow historical romance novelist Laura Lee Guhrke. They joined T. J. (Teri Brown) and Delilah Marvelle for a panel discussion of historical trivia. They all became passionate when discussing the realities of the women’s lives in historical times, when even the gowns could be treacherous.

A woman who didn’t marry well had no life or rights at all. Yet these authors love showing how women were resilient and innovative and learned how to improve their lives for themselves and their daughters. This is why I enjoy historical romance novels because a good heroine improves her own life and the happy marriage boosts her stature and power in the social trials of the times.

My attendance at this event included some U-turns and since I was headed in the wrong direction more than twice, I know this is also a metaphor for other things in my life. I enjoy these games and it makes random and surprising events more fun for me. What could be more fun than hanging with some favorite author friends chatting books? Afterwards some of us went to the McMenamins for good food and more intimate conversations, including coming up with book titles.

When Laura mentioned she’s getting married on the 29th of June, I had a “not the 29th” reaction as the energy of this number is: Grace Under Pressure. The  karmic example of 29 is the Old Testament story of Job who was subjected to all kinds of trials until the ultimate Black Moment when he transformed from a victim to a hero. It’s the classic hero’s journey mythology and some version of this story arc shows up in every good movie and book. However, I’ve never felt 29 was a good karmic energy for a wedding anniversary even though  Ed and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage on August 29th.

The odd thing is my friends Paula and Elizabeth also celebrate their wedding anniversaries on the 29th. So what does it mean when four women randomly sitting next to each other, at an impromptu dinner, all share that 29 karma in our marriage? We may never know but I’m willing to bet that if we made lists we’d see more patterns than loving romance novels. We didn’t make lists. We just sort of sat there looking at each other repeating “the 29th” a few times – then we began a new conversation topic.

But it is the heroine that operates with grace while under pressure that appeals to me, in any time slot in history and the present. It’s also an honor to call these authors – my friends – because I know enough about them to state they are heroines who embody the concept of Grace Under Pressure in their own lives. You can read about Teri’s journey writing Somerset Abbey while in cancer treatments – on Jane Porter’s Blog.  And yes, Jane is also a resilient and innovative heroine.

Maybe the 29’s was a metaphor of my U-turns of the day. Maintaining and gaining Grace while Under Pressure is always a good reminder. But there’s also the happily-ever-after part of the story of Job. Everything he lost he regained, and more, and Job had a greater appreciation of his abundance.

And maybe “the 29th” is a good karmic energy for a marriage.

A 717 day

717 is our youngest daughter’s favorite number. She was born on 7-1-1989 and that’s her dirt bike in the picture. Her fiance is also “into” numbers though we’ve never really chatted about it, yet. They are getting married on 12.1.12.

For my in-process contemporary romance the hero and heroine characters are based on the astrological aspects of these two, and motorcycles play in the story.

Today I drove to the library and noticed the license plate on the car before me was 717DUB. So I immediately thought of this daughter and wondered about the d-u-b and if it meant “W” or something. It was just a game in my mind that I forgot about while at the library.

Then I decided to go to the local produce shop and pulled up behind a car at the light waiting to turn. License plate – 717EVC. Okay, that’s fun! So I pulled into the parking lot and immediately texted my daughter with a “What’s UP?” and shared these two 717 sightings.

Her response was, “Funny! I’ve just been looking at new cars. :-)” They like Suburu’s and even attend annual rally’s.

So I had to ask, “Were you looking at V W’s?”

“Actually I am!”

Now this story will be really fun if she buys one, and loves it.

For me, I returned home and got to work on my story as I’ve been distracted with other interests this week.

It happened on 11/11/11

It was a fun day for me! First, my Christmas Cactus bloomed.

Christmas Cactus

This is an event because the blossoms are awesome, vibrant, and it always blooms in early November.

I had some fun with numbers on the clock today as I only looked at the time when something caught my attention.  Then I had to laugh because my attention was caught on something that compelled me to check the time… that began at 1:11 am, 11:55am, 2:55pm, 3:11pm and finally 11:11pm.

We attended our grandson’s birthday celebration this evening and it was a great party.

Devon 9th Birthday 055

You’ll notice this picture is # 55. 😀

It was time to open presents and the kids gathered, while the adults watched. There had already been games played – Toss Across, Bingo – and a paper airplane competition.

The under 21 crowd

The over 21 crowd

Musical chairs were played by black-light and my camera flashes were like a strobe. First the kids played then the adults had a round…

Now, you’ve seen pictures taken from my camera.  If you follow my blog you know I believe laughter and fun times will attract orbs, whatever they are. No need to travel to specific points on the globe – or sacred caves. Just have a fun party and a boxing match…

Devon 9th Birthday 074

Devon 9th Birthday 077

Some of them orbs are bit frisky as they were on one daughters boob and another daughters belt buckle.

Them frisky orbs were in lots of pictures because that’s what I was asked to do, take lots of pictures so my eldest, who was hosting the party, would have a record of the event.


Have a great triple eleven day, especially when there will be five at 11:11 on 11/11/11.  There’s a fun pyramid of these numbers at synchrosecrets.

It is also Veteran’s Day in the USA and while I want to see the war machine put into museums or out to pasture, I totally honor the individual warriors involved for the cause of honor and freedom through history.

On Monday night, 11/14 the first story of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will air on TV and I’ll be watching because I agree with her mother who said, “I think Gabby’s got a message now that exceeds the political one. … Gabby is a warrior.”

I’ve posted about numbers a few times and there are numerous websites and books about numbers and numerology. My advice is read them or not. The only truth about numbers is they are one language that translates easily at the global level regarding music, money, and all measurements from cooking, to building, to aging.

Whether you mark the date for the triple elevens,  or the six ones, regardless what the skeptics say a lot of people see the day as cause for celebration and anything that creates a surge of happy energy is an awesome thing.

Lots of 9’s

9 = Finishing a project, looking beyond the immediate, setting your goals, reflection, expansion;  Sydney Omarr’s Day-to-Day Astrological Guide for Taurus 2012

The number 9 symbolizes Mars – Conflict – Man; Linda Goodman’s Star Signs.  9 is the number of originality and initiative… also the contradictory traits of vulnerability and naiveté.

999 = completion and 99% = the majority.

Today is 10/19/11 – the moon is in Cancer and my lunch dates today are both Cancer women. It is a water sign and we will savor my clam chowder and work on a mermaid tail for a masquerade party.

Another friend, a Taurus woman, is having surgery on her neck today to expand the path for her spine. I hope all the 1’s and the nurturing energy of Cancer will be good energy for her. My sister, an Aquarius woman, needs a new dishwasher today as the current one died last night after a week of glitches with the control panel. Lots of water energy and it’s a foggy day.

There’s been a lot of surprises, twists and news brought into my awareness and the advice in my horoscope today states: Practice what Ester and Jerry Hicks call “rampaging appreciation” so that you raise your own vibration and attract more of what makes you happy.

911 has been claiming my attention recently, and occasionally in the past few years. I thought it was a reminder of The Twin Towers disaster on 9/11/01 which impacted my personal life enough that I wrote a story about it. This novel was my return to the world of romance fiction and I got lots of good feedback from publishers for a year then it was suddenly considered ‘old news’.  Maybe I’ll rewrite it some day. 

This month I’ve had new insights into 911 as relating to the past nine years, and the initiating choice made eleven years ago. I hadn’t counted the years until recently, and it was after seeing 9:11 one day. These years have been full of drama, conflict, change and enlightenment. There’s been lots of learning and opportunities for growth. 🙂

double digits

On 8-8-11. We returned from a week of summer fun and I did the number-letter exercise. My name resonates to the number 8.

The Number 8 vibrates to the planet Saturn. It represents wisdom, learning through experience, stability, patience, and responsibility. 8 is also the number of financial security, caution, restriction, self-discipline and self-control. (Linda Goodman’s Star Signs p.190)

That doesn’t sound too fun but being practical and organized is one flavor of me that I enjoy. I took chapters of my memoir to edit and polish while on vacation. Some may applaud this discipline but I do it  because I love the books I am creating and I always have a quiet hour or two before others wake in the morn.

The 8th House in an astrological chart represents –

Death and Inheritances, the Occult: Transformation of all kinds, regeneration, sexuality, taxes, death, psychic ability. (The Everything Astrology Book – Trish MacGregor c. 1999)

Some consider 8 as a hard number, and Saturn is referred to as the greater Malefic. Jokes about death and taxes have a helpless flavor. The lesson for those who vibrate to the energy of 8 (and Saturn) is to learn that the pursuit of happiness is not a sin.

8 is also the symbol of eternity, the snake eating its tail. Like the number 3, 8 has the mirror message of as-above-so-below. 3 has an open space for the flow of communication, creativity and compassion. The shape of 8 is continuous and contained.

Our cat Pele, named for the volcano goddess, symbolized my entry into the animal dimension. An outdoor cat, Pele perches on fence posts as a feral hunter. The rare times she is content to curl in a lap, her purring is like diesel engine.

Pele instantly bonded with our golden retriever, Amber, who made the move with us to Oregon. Pele teased and taunted our lab, Rainier. Pele herded the three ducks around our yard and pitied the rabbit kept in a hutch. Pele had conversations with the Arabian, Wildfire, because Pele had the job of clearing moles from the pasture and mice from the grain bin.

I expect Pele will be gone one day, with no fanfare. She’s already granted us 14 years of duty to our home and family.  But she has no jobs anymore or other animals to harass or protect. She will never be a pampered indoor cat because the essence of Pele is not as a quilt. She is a cat with a mission and sharpens her claws to complete it, she meows to come in to eat, then meows to return to her nature space.

Totally black without a spot of anything but dirt to mar her fur, Pele is the picture of an occult familiar and never ventures away from her home. If cats have 9 lives it means they do the regenerate exercise 8 times before they get it right. 🙂

When Pele didn’t appear when we returned from our vacation, and I noticed the date, I wondered if I’d associate the double 8 with her death, but no, shortly before midnight she returned, proclaiming loudly that she wanted to eat.

I’ve noticed a lot of 8’s recently and we have scheduled excursions with our 8-yr-old grandson the rest of this week. This grandparent-grandchild is the more important example of the dual image of 8 because it is a love relationship and the single point of connection is the parent in the middle.

the 3 thing

I’ve written 333 posts and decided that’s a significant number to note.   Except I noted it then went to bed and forgot about it.

On Tuesday, Mercury stationed to turn retrograde until the 26th, and the weather was gorgeous so I chose outdoor tasks of trimming and watering the flowers, washing my car and the lawn chairs. As I spruced up my yard I was thinking about one of the vignettes in my memoir that’s not working, and I was meal planning for upcoming events. Later I did errands; bought toner for my printer, returned library books, and purchased items for those meals.

On my way home, I stopped in the left turn lane (two lanes turn left) and there were two cars already waiting at the red light. I love to play the license plate game and have developed a personal shorthand for what the numbers mean and what the letters represent. The car in front of me had 733 on the license plate then I noticed the car in the next lane also had 733. I was stunned. I’ve never had identical numbers next to each other like that and I decided my shorthand interpretation of number messages may not be enough. There was nothing else, make, model or color, about the cars that was similar.

My favorite reference book about numbers is Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, Copyright 1987. This book also contains an alpha numeric key for what number is associated to a specific letter according to ancient Chaldean-Kabala system.

I plugged in the numbers for the letters that were also on those license plates and the three letters BND & CCX, both add to 11. So, the identical message was 733 11. This made it more fun to research and play with numbers and letters, and surreal as 33’s kept popping up. If anyone has insights or ideas about this double 733 11 – feel free to share. 😀

Then I remembered the 333 blog posts and I checked a cheat sheet on the message behind triples.  333 = Decision number. Time to make a decision.

I have lots of decisions to make and every choice has layers which means a little decision I make could become a big deal. Or what seems like a big decision might really be a little step (or left turn) on the overall journey of my life.

For your own fun, here’s the letter-to-number association with the planetary vibration:

A I J Q Y – are # 1 – Sun

B K R – are # 2 – Moon

C G L S –  are # 3 – Jupiter

D M T – are # 4 – Uranus

E H N X – are # 5 – Mercury

U V W – are # 6 – Venus

O Z – are # 7 – Neptune

F P – are # 8 – Saturn

The number 9 is not used so the energy of Mars is not aligned to any letters. And, the ancients obviously knew that Pluto is not a planet.

Also note:  W W W  = 6 6 6  (World Wide Web = mark of the devil)

Memories in the making

Our Memorial Day traditions changed three years ago when we attended a barbecue hosted by friends at their family vacation spot. All the men are vets and proud to have served their country because life with their families, and the liberty to make a difference, is why they served.  Their pursuit of happiness revolves around aviation and is how we met. By the time we returned to our home that day, Ed and I were already negotiating the purchase of property to create our own family vacation spot a few lots down the road.

The property was raw and undeveloped. Water, power, and a septic system were installed thirty years prior but it remained vacant. The changes we made were substantial within three months of taking ownership of the land. Now, three years later, it’s got a lush lawn and a huge storage building for the toys of choice for our family. This past weekend, we attended two family pot luck meals with these friends, and brought three young boys to the event. It’s good to introduce a new generation to the benefits of pursuing happiness. Eventually these boys will appreciate the life and liberty concepts.

As a writer, I have studied how to use the power of three to show transformation within a character or along a story arc. Jessa Slade posted a simple 1-2-3 about how the good stories from our memories transform. My only issue with this post is Jessa’s reference to herself as a semi-professional storyteller. She is a Professional Storyteller and her muse is Monster Girl.

I love messages from numbers and for the number 3, I envision a three-legged stool which symbolizes the first stage of being grounded and able to balance. It’s a stable platform and the three legs of the stool represent concepts that all begin with the letter “C”, the 3rd letter in the alphabet. Communication. Creativity. Compassion. Those are the three truths I want on the legs of the stool where I sit, to write.

This weekend the “C” words were camping, cooking, and community. There were lots of memories shared and stories retold amid tons of laughter and good food. Many of my untold memories revealed three years as a time frame between a significant event that generated transformation on some areas of my life. The three years message was important because I am the type who wants to achieve the goal, yesterday.

Memorial Day used to be flavored with reflection on events and generations in our past. But now our family celebrates the new beginning. Our grandsons will not be able to say we personally fought for their freedom within a war machine. Instead they will remember happy adventures with the really cool toys from kayaks to airplanes.

wedding plan change

I’m still trying to process everything that happened this past weekend!

The date Friday was 4/22/2011 so that’s a lot of fours and dual digits. I’ve posted about 4 energy in dates before and it was Good Friday which has always been a significant day for personal reasons that would be too long to list here. The Sonata punch may have happened at 1:44 since I was in the parking lot at the hotel and called the insurance agent at 2:08. The room I was assigned for the weekend was #144. 🙂

My marketing partner and I finished some final details regarding our workshop for Saturday and went to dinner. While waiting for our food my cell phone rang and I could tell my bride-to-be daughter was upset but didn’t want to tell me why since I was busy. I got her to tell me…

Their wedding will be on 6/21, a Tuesday. The Bride & Groom wanted their wedding and the anniversary of their marriage to be on the summer solstice with the ceremony deep in the woods and the reception to have the flavor of a summer festival. For those of you who know Tolkien, the example is Bilbo Baggins 111st party.  The groom and groomsmen are wearing kilts.

We had heard there was a winter road/bridge mudslide/washout on Lolo Pass road but only got the news on Friday that no, the road will not be cleared in time for access to the chosen location. So a year’s worth of plans and arrangements must change and the bride was understandably upset but also relieved the invitations were not yet mailed.

I assured the bride this was a salvageable situation and I would give it my attention (I’m her wedding coordinator) on Monday and we’d have it solved and redo her handmade invitations before the end of the week.

She appreciated my assurances and sympathy so we ended the call before my lobster ravioli arrived. However, the point of this post is that her call to me on Friday was at 4:44.

I only noticed that today when I checked my cell phone log. 😀 !

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