Worn and Wired

astro chart 3-1-14 cropped
Every line on this sphere has a different magnetic-bipolar flavor. This explains why I’m worn & wired in one glance. What’s your excuse?

“Everyone seems exhausted, what’s up with that?” Was a text from my friend Donna.

My reply: Too much Mars & Jupiter energy with Uranus & new moon.

Donna’s next text: “LOL! Mars is retrograde and is not happy in Libra. He’s probably jealous that Uranus is in Aries showing off. And Jupiter is just being lazy & wishy-washy going back and forth in Cancer.”

Yep, we astro-speak in shorthand.

In addition to the current news about an unhappy Mars; Saturn is fueling the fire under the cauldron in Scorpio while Pluto is rock solid in Capricorn and Neptune is stirring all kinds of deep tides in Pisces. The new moon is still giggling with having tickled them all, and Mardis Gras is done for this year.

I woke up on Monday night during a power outage. I became more alert because I have to arrive-on-time in the mornings now. That’s the only requirement of my grammy-nanny job, on-time, and in clothes. I was very aware when the power was restored and relieved when the green numbers were flashing 12:00AM. I got up to reset the clock according to the time on my cell phone and I heard my computer power up. It’s old and I had to reset the date to 2014 as it reverts back to 2007 when it’s unplugged. That’s what I was doing at 4:14am on 3/4/2014, and that’s why I know the power went out at 3:21am, my new stove has battery backup for the clock.

That reverting back to 2007 when “unplugged” is fun to think about in today’s social media world. I recently watched a movie released in 2009 and the characters had cell phones – not smart phones.  The opening setting is at a NY book publisher, the opening scenes refer to getting an author on “Oprah,” and there are references to print runs. This is the challenge of writing contemporary stories – they can become dated  quickly.

I recently asked my astrologer sister for timing advice on initiating a new project, because of the Mercury retrograde. We had a bad cell phone connection and she misunderstood what I had asked so when she got around to checking my charts she was confused and looked deeper. She actually referenced three layers of astrological aspects. (She analyzed 12 layers to rectify my birth chart – years ago.) When we actually chatted about what I wanted to know in relation to what she had discovered, Mercury Retrograde wasn’t an issue.

Her advice was to do whatever I felt inspired to do because the progressions, and a planetary return or two, aligned with the transits, (I think they are all involved), have the flavor of a karmic-life mission message. In other words, it’s only taken me a little more than five decades of living to arrive at the life I was born to live.  I’m okay with that. I’m not one to tell teens to “find your passion then live it” but I am one to advise making a three-to-five year plan, then make it happen but be willing to deviate a little.

I’m always careful about giving advice, even to my own daughters, because I am a writer – I live in the 4th dimension and TIME is questionable. I’m not the type of writer who operates on the edge of insanity with all kinds of crippling crap. I’m a writer who writes for the joy of the journey. 

That, and playing Patty-Cake with grand-babies. And exploring all the new technologies and options now available for us creative types. We’re a rare breed and I intend to flourish. The greatest choices I’ve made in my life is choosing what I need  to flourish.

My parents weren’t concerned with personal passions – they eventually saw the benefits of flourishing for themselves; each other, their friends, family, communities. Yep, Utopia on a global scale would be nice.

Are you afraid of stinky diapers? I’m not. I want my grandbabies to flourish in their own way. Challenges and adventures are the stepping stones I’ve taken in spite of skeletal, muscular, and joint issues. There have been times in my life when none of those things mattered. And I Thrived.

Being Worn and Wired is a cyclical thing. Like a Mars return every two years or a Jupiter return every twelve years. All of the Above is Open to Interpretation.

Thrive. Flourish.

This new moon in Cancer


I’ve always preferred the New Moon as it is a time of initiating energy even though it’s a dark sky. The farmers almanac recommends all planting to be done after the new moon and until the Gibbous moon. Being in charge of initiating anything, whether project or attitude or hairstyle, at the new moon, means we’re tapping into growth energy.

The full moon represents the culmination, completion, and/or manifestation of what has been chosen or initiated during new moon energy. I think (I’m not an astrologer so this time span could be wrong) the full moon manifestation is not necessarily what was initiated during the new moon two weeks prior, but during the new moon in the same sign as the full moon, like six months prior.

I follow a few astrology blogs and there is a lot of excitement about the current planetary alignments but I want to share for those who don’t speak the lingo, my feelings about the 3 T-squares in this month New Moon chart:

A T-square is formed when there are two planets in opposition and one planet square to the opposition. T-squares are likely to be either cardinal, fixed or mutable. The planet at the apex, which squares both ends of the opposition, functions as the catalyst, mediating between the planets in opposition. This is an open, unstable, stressful aspect pattern but is often extremely effective and dynamic

It’s not uncommon for astrologers to be very excited about stellar aspects that sound horrific to the the rest of us.

One blog I follow is  jbuss Astrology and I felt my first inkling of concern when I read this line regarding this month’s new moon transit of one of the T-square:

So any Identity TransFormations that occur over the coming month will be permanent.

I’m not comfortable with anything being permanent, even if it is a stellar time stamp.

When I was avidly watching astrological transits to my natal chart, years ago, it was to see what was forming over the energetic aspects of the moment.

This  jbuss Astrology article with the beautiful Dravite (brown Tourmaline) pictured above, refers to the mundane planetary transits. Mundane astrology interpretations are about where the stars and planets are today in the sky and their energetic relation to each other on a global/universal scale. It’s not personal even though we are all connected. I was enjoying all the imagery of the hand made silk carpets until I read…

So, as Saturn Opposes Eris, it brings into full flower the Energy born at their Conjunction.  When and where was that?  Early March of 1998, at 19 degrees of Aries…

See, that’s what I mean about the full moon not representing the manifestation of what was initiated at the most recent new moon. Saturn moves a bit slower than the moon and generates long term lessons and challenges.

There’s no reason to worry, the scuttle through astrology world is all these T-square transits are amazing and fascinating, even if they don’t feel comfortable to us as change ripples around Mother Earth, through all of humanity, and our social, economic, and political systems.

On a personal note, I was instantly remembering the spring of 1998. We had only moved into our home here in Oregon in mid October, six months earlier. This house was a fixer-up-er and a bit cramped as we were a family of six with less space than our prior home in New Jersey. The animals were already multiplying.

We’d moved our 6-yr-old Golden with us but that spring of ’98 is when there were also three ducks, a long haired black cat (who had five kittens), and a bunny. These underfoot pets were shortly joined by a horse, and then another dog. I was often a bit stunned to scan my home and menagerie of animals and wonder, how did I end up in this life? I’m not a fan of the stories where the girl leaves the city to find love in the country… However, as each animal arrived I sort of thought it was a good idea at the time and went with the flow of our family life. But that’s past now, and 14 years later only the black cat is still around. She’s PELE, named for the Hawaiian volcano goddess.

I am a bit nervous about these mundane planetary aspects that will be enhanced with initiating new moon energy -3 days prior and after Wednesday/Thursday this week- because I checked to see if any of it was aspecting my personal natal chart and, of course, they all are. So take heart that no matter how scary it sounds, I sort of get it, and these T-squares are hitting me (and my family) on many personal levels.  Mercury is also retrograde and the message with that is always to pause and review, revise, redo, instead of initiate.

I will be cautious as I review transforming my identity. I’ve done the “go with the flow, it seemed like a good idea at the time” manifestation. So under the dark sky this week, be aware that a retrograde Mercury is often considered the dark trickster. I’ll contemplate if I want to dodge the dark side or embrace it.

It may be permanent – at least for another 14 years. (Cue evil laughter.)

A solar eclipse

This picture of the solar eclipse over Portland, Oregon, is shared by my friend Jessa Slade. She took it through the window of her home and this was about the halfway point.

Ed and I saw this view, and to the almost full eclipse, while walking the local college sustainability path. This path wanders through natural reserves, wetlands, community and experimental gardens, and under some, extremely loudly buzzing electricity, high tension  power lines.

This “ring-of-fire” solar eclipse is an eighteen-year-cycle event. In 1994 this celestial event was visible in Cleveland, Ohio where my sister Rose lives and she observed the event. I know I also watched it but don’t remember if it was a partial eclipse from our home in the northwest corner of New Jersey, or if I was in Cleveland for Mother’s Day. As we chatted about the eclipse then and now, we also considered who we were and what life events coincided with the 1994 part of the cycle.

It was fun to remember life events in relation to natures cycles. We realized there was a significant event the month following the solar eclipse in 1994 that began a new emotional cycle for us, and our perspective as mothers.

Our mom broke her femur and the medical diagnosis was that Mom’s condition was firmly in the post-polio syndrome stage. They gave her a life expectancy of three-to-five years. Ha. She was already a medical miracle as a healthy and vibrant quadriplegic for over 33 years. So of course Mom proved them wrong…

But for Rose and I, our shift in perspective then was something we could now see in a clearer light, eighteen years later, because of a solar eclipse cycle. We tracked forward on events since then, and understand our choices with a new awareness. It’s not that we believe the eclipse influenced us personally but it is a cool way to bookend almost two decades of life experiences and reassess who we are, and our life journey.

Celestial events are so awesome they should be celebrated with parades even if there are cloudy skies. Ed and I were prepared to observe this eclipse on our walk, but we were surprised to see so many people who were unaware of this rare event above their heads.

Astrologers agree that an eclipse cycle does have a global influence on the planet and all humans. Fortunately the buzz is that this ring-of-fire event is full of beneficial energies. There was no websphere to buzz in 1994 but I’m reminded that in live theater, to “break a leg” is considered good luck.