Holiday Nostalgia

K-R playtime cropped
They grow so fast. Last Christmas she was still a baby and he wasn’t even born yet. Now they are driving!?!

This holiday season has been layered with memories and nudges of past years. I know this is common for many at this time of year. Feeling nostalgic is part of the energy of the season and includes remembering all the special people who are now ethereal beings instead of dinner guests. I appreciate that I have some fascinating ancestors and none of them would have fit into the “normal” category.

I’ve actually never met anyone who fit the “normal” definition on any level. Have you?

Everyone in my life, past and present, are unique individuals engaged in a dynamic human experience while building multi-layered stories. They saw their stresses; the failures, the financial challenges, the insurmountable cliff, losses, and the horrors brought forth in the news. I see mine and refuse to publicly address politics or religion because I’m woefully unarmed, and also because I consider both as historical data.

I see everything through my “writer” filter and this week there have been synchronicities – meaningful coincidences which I must acknowledge –  to remind me of my writer goals as a novelist, memoirist, blogger, marketing guru, and business professional. But that’s for the rest of the year.

During the Christmas and New Year holiday weeks I’m devoted to making cookies, casseroles, and decadent appetizers.

Last year, my sister gifted me with a DVD of a 1956 Broadway play called, “The Stingiest Man In Town” as it was our/my childhood holiday soundtrack. My daughters will probably recognize the “yes, there is a Santa Claus” song as I often sang it. The fat man in a red suit who invades our homes to leave stuff in our socks was not my version of the Christmas spirit.

Generosity is a whole different sound track.

Added: Here’s a link to an animated version:

There is a spirit in the world of generosity,

That bring good things to all of us whoever we may be.
So, I believe in Santa Claus for it can’t be denied
That he is generosity – personified.

Yes, there is a Santa Claus for children everywhere,
Though you may watch the chimney tops and never see him there.
People say his magic sleigh flies in the sky above,
But you might find it anywhere you find unselfish love.

Oh yes, he really does exist, and Santa Claus will live,
As long as hearts can realize how good it feels to give.
So when you are feeling blue, keep up your hope because,
If there is kindness in the world, there is a Santa Claus.