Wedding Reviews

Tis time for fun memories.  Most of you know I study romantic comedies from classics like, “When Harry Met Sally” to recent one’s like “The Big Wedding” and whatever catches my attention.

In decades past, romance novels were practically required to have a Happily Ever After ending often portrayed as a wedding. Fortunately the stories have changed as readers’ expectations are not always favorable toward weddings. Actually, sometimes weddings are the worst! Drama! Emotions running wild! Even when everything goes great there are layers of stories behind the photos. So for your amusement I’m sharing tidbits of three weddings from the past decade when I was the mother-of-the-bride.


The Big Wedding was the most recent.  The father of the groom is a wealthy businessman with two sons and he wanted an EVENT so he paid for doubling the guest list in addition to an excessive amount of booze. The bridesmaids all loved their dresses but looking past the royal blue for the day, one woman is a CPA, another a LMT, one blond is a bank loan manager the other a beauty consultant. There’s also an optician, a cupcake baker, and a HR manager.  The men represent a broad flavor of careers from minister to stock broker, computer sales, food services, construction, and more.  The bridal party also included two flower girls, a ring bearer, and a junior bridesmaid who escorted the dog.

Adding to the story of this (above) picture, one woman is newly pregnant and kept it secret until stripping out of her dress after the pictures were done so she could breathe. Sadly, the groom’s beloved grandfather died only weeks before this event but there was a tribute shrine and tearful toasts to him at the reception.


The Outdoor/Theme Wedding happened on a Tuesday afternoon so the bride and groom could always celebrate their anniversary on the Summer Solstice. Men In Kilts! The men were all part of a competitive band in their younger days. Though this was a tight budget affair, the groom is also a professional chef so the food was outstanding. The location included a large pond with pedal boats and the bride did pedal around the pond in her wedding gown.  They had originally planned to wed in a rustic campground in the mountains but the roads were washed out during the winter and a new location had to be found three months before the day, and it was so much better! Guests came to Oregon from Ohio and Alaska and it was the only sunny day during the entire month of June.

The Small Wedding was the first for our family and riddled with drama; recent funerals, uninvited guests, emotional issues! Fortunately the actual event was delightful and everyone had a great time.  Even now, ten years later, we still cringe at some of the memories. The main story worth repeating about this event is that after the honeymoon the groom had a growth on his neck checked then immediately began treatment for aggressive lymphoma. Yes, he survived and has been cancer free since, they are still thriving and darling together.

It is impossible for me to look at a wedding photo and not wonder about all the stories behind the smiles. As big a deal as a wedding might be as a “rite of passage” event in our journey through life, it’s really just a party and not a HEA. The marriage deserves the celebration but it’s not an ending in any way, it’s the beginning of a grand adventure.

This is why I love reading and writing romance novels, and the requirement of studying romantic comedy films. Love happens all around us and the stories are limitless and unique!

Hunger and Games

baby shower 005
Everything on this table was a delight to savor. It’s a bonus to have a professional chef in our family!

The baby shower for grandbaby # 3 (it’s a girl!) was on Saturday and it was an awesome party. I’m still adjusting to this generational shift from being the host of family parties to attending them at my daughters homes.  My sisters and I have discussed, as the “Baby Boomer” generation, how our expectations and roles in the family as grandparents are very different than our ancestors examples. And our children have taken family celebrations to a new level of awesomeness that do our ancestors proud.

I’ve finally read all three books of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and it’s a Really Well Done Trilogy. The ending made reading the stories worth the journey.

baby shower 002
Not Sushi – it’s layers of gummy candy and super sweet and chewy. Ed’s face, when he popped that “Sushi Candy” in his mouth was awesome. Two chews and he had to spit it out. LOL!

These books will be used as examples for a workshop at a conference I’ll be attending this weekend in Canon Beach, Oregon.  I know Jessica Morrell’s workshop will be more relevant now, on many levels. She’s been one of my writing mentors this past decade, and a tough teacher.

My resistance to reading this YA dystopian trilogy was because it represents a fearful  future that flavored my childhood, and is a metaphor for what still flavors humanity today.

baby shower 018
Hint: Sharp teeth to cut the nipple hole bigger is a plus. And squeeze the bottle for a stronger stream…

That’s why my attention is spent on the delights and desires of being human, and all the power and grace and mystery that journey entails! Like Baby Showers and trying to drink beer through the nipple of a baby bottle.

Or making gummy candy treats that look like sushi and really surprise old-guys who don’t wear their glasses and are expecting a sushi experience when they pop a gummy candy treat in their mouth.

baby shower 024
The guys put beer in their bottles. The girls won with water.

There was also a “onesie” game at the Baby Shower, and many beer pong games.  Baby showers are a big deal. Weddings are too. I’m also an advocate for Birthday Parties, Family Celebrations, and games where children develop teamwork skills.

Neighborhood parties and happy potential futures for my daughters and grandchildren are required, and I refuse to consider any other option.  Argue with me at your peril. I am fully armed for this battle. My weapon of choice is the written word, and I’ll shoot my arrows of Happily Ever After with even more determination.

My passion will always be that I refine what I have lived and learned into something of value to to empower joy and abundance. That “happily ever after” warm and fuzzy feeling prior to The End of a romance novel is the fallacy, the fiction. The bigger story is always yet to be written and while babies are not required, they sure are cute when they are sleeping.