When the moon is not mundane

If you had the chance to see the Full Blood-Moon Eclipse, yeah! The mundane aspects of this eclipse have been analyzed and debated through astrology circles for months. “Mundane” means general-global, applicable to all, as the moon and tides apply to weather and gravity and mysterious creatures who sprout hair and howl.

The grandbabies that thriving. 4-week-old Robert and 8-month-old Kaedence.

The grandbabies are thriving. 4-week-old Robert and 8-month-old Kaedence.

Fortunately none of the apocalyptic predictions have come true but the wild and wacky energy will continue for weeks. I won’t be watching the news. This moon cycle, since the new moon in Libra on Oct 5th 2013 to this full moon in Libra last night, has been a roller coaster ride. It’s like I’ve been riding from peak to peak though there was sludge on the tracks through the valleys.

It’s now week three of my full-time grammy-nanny job and I can feel the potential benefits for my writing already. My next novel is finally getting drafted! The problem with writing it is that I didn’t know it was the book to write, because I was working on revising something else, and there’s been dramas and babies and conferences to run. Then I got sucked into learning more about Google+, and excuse, excuse, excuse.

Fortunately I had a wonderful plot-storming session with Gina Fluharty and she set me straight. She gave me a piece of my own advice. Don’t you just love it when you struggle for months trying to make a decision, or get a project in gear, and then realize why its not happening and you should have figured it out all along…

I blame the moon. It ain’t been mundane for me, it’s been personal  and awesome.

It’s April Already?

April 1st is the designated Foolishness for Fun day but I’ve never been good at that and even aware not to trust anything I read or see, there’s always a Huh? I’d hate to respond to something and then find out it is a spoof.

RED-y for Punk Rock concert

Newest Grandson, Robbie. 3 Weeks old and ready for a Punk Rock concert.

What’s not a spoof is this month is going to be a doozy of stellar energies.

Christina, The Oxford Astrologer states:

Two eclipses and the Cardinal Grand Cross. That’s quite enough drama for one month surely.

To read your horoscope click here.

Do read the long intro first this month because it explains a bit more about the Cardinal Cross and shows you how you can think about it for yourself.

For a different flavor of forcasts: Gaia Astrology-Moon Magic is not as easy to read because of the colors used on the website, but Steve uses gentler words about these stellar aspects. Both of these posts offer a whole lot to read while the energies being explained are not about reading a whole lot.

So instead, check out “The Art of Sight” by Monica at Symbolreader.

In other news, I am only on day two of my new-job-routine and there was an issue with my vacuum. When there’s 3 dogs and a baby in the same room, I want a really easy vacuum in the house. Little Robbie only has two dogs in the house and a great vacuum. But his cousin Kaedence is 7 months and starting to crawl so the vacuum issue is a bigger deal as this grammy-nanny really doesn’t want layers of dog shed included in her formative skills.

Maybe that’s the lesson of the stars, at least for me, this month. Choose what battles matter, then add the “horse power” since 2014 is the Year of the Horse. And the first battle is choosing what’s got the best power to suck… I’ll avoid expounding on a beater brush… I’ve got a novel to write.

Babies Be Here

7 mos old Kaedence Grace meets 2 hour old cousin Robert Edward.

7 mos old Kaedence Grace meets 2 hour old cousin Robert Edward.

It is Spring! And there are babies blooming all over the country. It could be that I’m so delighted to be playing with grand-babies as my day job that I am seeing babies everywhere. Or it could be that I am of an age where most of my friends are posting pictures of their grand-babies and my daughters are sharing pictures of their friends babies. Or it could be that our social-online-world gives us greater opportunities to share these highlights of our lives.

Last week I sat in my daughter’s home, and read a whole chapter out loud to Kaedence. She was highly entertained to have me sitting in the room, talking, while she played with her toys and occasionally turned around to talk or sing at me.

RED burp

One week old Robbie

In Oregon we are getting spring-teaser-days. That means the weather is nice enough on some days to motivate us into yard clean up and pressure washing the mud film off walks and decks. We just had two teaser days and spent them both outside. I’m worn and sore but we are back to cold, windy and rainy weather for the rest of the week. The view through the window is of early spring so that makes me feel lighter. I’ve also cleaned closets, purged junk drawers, and donated bags full of books.

I’ve got Spring Fever so bad this year it’s a good thing I have babies I can sit and hold for hours while they sleep.

The Business of Authors

Bask Raffle - red shoes

This was the “after lunch” Basket Raffle. Baskets were filled with books and other donated treats like wine, chocolates, and a Kobo Reader. And, check out Gina’s Awesome RED Shoes!

The Mini-Writer-Conference I co-coordinated with Terri Reed was a smashing success.  Here’s what attendee Linda Needham said about it:

Thanks for throwing such a fabulous conference (“mini” my eye!)  It was energizing, chock-a-block with great info and a schmooze fest!  I loved seeing old friends and meeting new as well!

ORS crop

The ladies from the Oregon Regency Society and their static display at the mini-conference. These ladies wear their dresses well and can talk for hours about the Tea Rituals, dancing, undergarments, and penmanship – of the Regency Era.

Book sale

Debbie Burke of Jan’s Paperbacks thought that buying a bookstore meant that she could spend her days reading books between sales. Instead she’s constantly exploring digital and global markets, and embracing innovation. She didn’t consider “retirement” could be so stimulating.

The mystique of a writer as being a tortured slave to their craft and muses is being debunked. Most novelists are out of their writer closets and have online personas that reveal these people are intelligent, creative, and professional grown-ups. They’re also savvy about their business of being authors, and know few readers will ever think about the writer behind the story, but will make a note to watch for another book by that author.

Fans are a different breed of reader and good novelists know their fans must be treated like royalty. The politics and personalities of “royalty” can be a challenge for the timid novelist. The whole framework of the book publishing industry during past decades was based on a huge gap (and gamble) between the connection of readers and authors. There’s still a big gap between non-fiction processes (and platforms!) and the dynamics of novel world, of which romancelandia is only an island. I’m personally fascinated with all the drama but recommend any readers of this post to pursue other passions like – scrapbooking; photography, board games, cooking, gardening, joy-of-life-affirming activities, and reading the occasional romance novel…

In romancelandia there’s a lot of readers and writers who are interested in clothing styles/fashion in a variety of time slots; tea, home-brewed poisons, the correct handling of murder weapons, the history of condoms (prior to latex), sexual positions, personality disorders, and the correct placement of a semicolon – to label a few recent and intense debates. Romancelandia is also rife with social media debates, blog tour requirements, and the full spectrum of potential magic buttons. I recommend all writers avoid romancelandia until they are ready to consider a majority of readers…

Somehow, this co-coordinating a mini-writer conference all happened at the same time as my novel and marketing book were released. The March 8th date on my calendar has overshadowed my attention for months. And then another grandbaby was due on 3/22/14.  After these big two events I’d get back to reading, writing, blogging….

We’ll see what future I create. My 4th grand-baby was born 11 days early, on 3/11/14.

I’ve read Kristina McMorris’s Pieces We Keep and Trish MacGregor’s Hidden Lake. Both are superb for craft and story.


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