Springing into the new

Welcome to the world, Connor Thane! He’s my sixth grandchild, five are boys and his almost four-year-old big sister is my only granddaughter. So, here’s how his family transformed in the days before his birth.

They sold their house and it was a done deal ten days before closing on their new home.

On Wednesday, the papers were signed on the new house, fortunately vacant and move-in-ready. Funds were transferred (banking lingo) and they got the keys to their new home on Thursday.

Moving day was Friday and there’s a bunch of layered history as to why there was so much more to move out than when they first moved into that house four years ago. It was a long, exhausting and dirty day for a crew of friends and family.

New appliances and furniture were delivered Saturday at the new house while Connor’s daddy was completing the final clean up and clear out of the old house. Later that night the words were stated, “We’re probably going to the hospital –  soon…” Only one week early.

Connor Thane was born at 9am on Sunday, March 12th. Everything easy and healthy, according to textbook natural births.  Twelve hours later I was at their new home, to make sure the three dogs pee’d in their new yard and were again contained in their new beds so as not to destroy anything about their new home. The new family was home on Monday. Now, three weeks later, everything is wonderful.

I personally like when I’m a participant in a wild-life journey. While this schedule of events is a bit wild, even for my family, it’s also rare so there was more laughter than drama.

I have been working on books and our construction project is in the final stages.

The following clip is a recently posted book review I did with two delightful local authors. This was my first experience viewing myself on You Tube and it was fun.

Check out Caroline and Susan! These are two fascinating ladies and more of their book reviews are in the Video Vault.

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