Reiki masters, crystals and astrologers… oh my!

Adam McGiver is a Coast Guard EMT, on injured reserve, and thinks all of the above are an interesting waste of time. The stars are for navigation on the seas.

Melanie Cramer, third generation of psychics and healers, charts her life by the stars but prefers to spend her days with computers. She’s ready to embark on a global adventure dedicated to databases.

When Adam rescues Melanie from a boat that’s dead in the water, they are sure they’ve met before but soon hope they never meet again. These star-crossed lovers are desperate to outrun their fated attraction. But the universe, through their friends and family, tightens a romantic noose around them – before Melanie flies off to the other side of the world, and Adam sails away in the opposite direction.

Will they still be in love sometime next year? Or are they just two ships that passed in the night?

Disclaimer: It’s a novel but I used a favorite location for some of the scene settings. 

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AND ——————–

Let me introduce you to my mom and dad, Mary Lou and Richard. It’s a love story and more.  They lived “every day is a beautiful day” no matter what life tossed their way. 

Mom was paralyzed from polio at the age of 31, regaining only partial use of her right arm.  That was when she became “A Sittin’ Mommy” and continued to raise her five children and run her home as a quadriplegic.  Even in retirement Dad considered Mom’s daily care as worth it, to have her as the primary joy, in his life.  

 “CHERISH – A Glimpse Of My Parents Incredible Marriage” frames their years, events and days.  My mom and dad had a marriage that was so supportive and adorable I’d almost welcome total paralysis to feel it for a moment.  But they also raised me not to be stupid; any morning I can roll out of bed, stand up and walk is a good day. To some, the idea of living life as a quadriplegic in a wheelchair is as close to a death sentence as one can get, but to my parents, it was just another bump in the road. 

This family memoir is indeed a real life horror story, but written with the flavor of Erma Bombeck, every story is infused with hope and humor.  I am so pleased to be able to share my story with the world and I hope that its life lessons, humor, and hope will inspire readers just as it inspired me and my family. This story will speak not only to Catholics, but to anyone who believes in everyday heroes (Thanks, Dad!), miracles, the strength of family and most of all, true love.

Mom and Dad lived with joy, no matter what, so even if events of my parents’ life together seem to be examples of keeping your glass half-full while it’s being continually dumped out, they always had a reserve of love that instantly refilled their “cup” to again “runneth over with the abundance of grace.”  It is a continuing journey to hold true to what I know is possible. 

For my parents, life was a daily renewal to achieve the impossible.

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