Carnival Rides

merry go round2016 has been a Carousel ride for me that will obviously be research for future stories.  A big challenge was when Ed had to cut through four inches of concrete of our bathroom floor. We could not find anyone willing to do the job for him, not even locals who work for beer money. Lots of yucky details unlikely to show up in any future novels, but it was a turning point for our construction project. It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime project since March and may be usable living space in another month or two.

A high point was attending the Historical Romance Reader Retreat!  Check out the Gallery of pictures to see the gowns, the hats, authentic historic games and coins, high tea, grand ball, and glorious setting. The movie was The Law and the Lady and it was great for more reasons than watching Fernando Lamas on horseback. And of course there were Books and Authors!

In July I joined the local Aquatic Center and the swimming, water yoga and weight-training, has significantly improved my health and mobility. I also began reading Jane Austen books for the first time and these two additions to my time and psyche have helped me endure the drama of this election process between HRC and DT.

On election night, my sisters and I were vacationing at the Oregon Garden Resort, we all voted early, and it was good to be together for such a historic event. I’m sure there will be political drama and turbulent news up to and even after the new president takes the oath of office in January but I’m going to trust that America is great.

There have been many surprises and shifts so far this year to many of my family and friends, and some were nasty but opened doors to brighter futures. We will hope for the best and I’m going to make brownies for our Thanksgiving party.

Celebrate the Carousel!

2 thoughts on “Carnival Rides

  1. To me this year has been more of a frightening roller coaster with way too many drops. Suffering unforeseen medical problems, loss of two of my dear friends I’d had since high school, loss of a relative and an unhappy election finale has left me deflated.


    1. HUGS! Yes, it has been rough and wild and I know of many who have shared similar stories. It can be a challenge to create a cheerful post but I am devoted to do so. I hope you exit your roller coaster soon and again wander through gardens.


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