Happy New Year

Sherri & Janelle on New Years Eve 2014
Sherri & Janelle on New Years Eve

2015 has begun and I’ve read a few articles forecasting the energy of the stars and numerical changes to the date. I’ll just sum it up… during the next six to eight weeks we’ll be galloping through the final days of the Year of the Horse and eventually trot into the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep-Ram-Goat.

Even though the calendar New Year begins on January 1st, the energy change from the Horse to the Sheep will occur between February 4th and February 19th(apparently it takes a while to slow down a racing Horse into a slow trot of a Sheep!)

2015 is a year of Peace, Art, Tranquility and Harmonious Co-existence.

My knees are looking forward to trotting around meadows.

My grammy nanny days are fewer and more random now so I can  focus on creating structure for my writing time. I was delightfully surprised by the reactions of my family when I gifted them with autographed copies of my novel. It was a humbling feeling that they were so thrilled with such a simple gift. I also got a warm and fuzzy feeling that they are glad I’m finally getting deep into the next books with characters they’ve already met.
Puppy eye fixI wanted to add simple daily exercise to my days but I hate gyms and using machines. I prefer classes like Zumba and Dancersize but those are only available at certain times and days, and may only run for a few weeks. Instead, we visited the Oregon Human Society and returned with Arkkade (pronounced as Our Kady). She’s two years old, a Jack Russel mix with soft hair. She only weighs twelve pounds and curls into our laps nicely. Her name includes the initials of our grandchildren; Robert, Kaedence, Kiernan, and Devon.
 Arkkade takes me for a walk twice a day, even when it’s a bit rainy.

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