The voice of a Lord

This is my first time embedding a video in my blog and it was easy but there is no way to resize it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this two minute trailer even if you’re not into Historical Romance novels. The personal tidbit about my friend Delilah Marvelle’s new book trailer is the awesome voice-over is our friend Andy, who is not an actor but a friend Ed met through work when we first moved to Oregon 15 years ago.

The production schedule was set but the actor slated to do the voice-over left town. On Thursday night, Delilah made some calls and posted an Emergency Request to all her loops for someone local with a British accent – who was available to do the taping on Saturday. On Friday morning we contacted our friend Andy to give Delilah a call. Which he did, and that’s his real voice. He sounds a bit more serious than I’m used to hearing.


I’ve known Delilah since 2003, before her first book was published in 2008 and became a “sensation.” I feel doubly blessed to have her as a friend but also to have had inside information on her career, during these turbulent years, as the process of publishing books and connecting with readers is transforming. She’s also one of many authors who are taking the Indie Publishing route at this time.

Indie Publishing is a hybrid process of creating ebooks (with print options)  that follow some of the same processes as traditional book publishing but the business model puts the author on top of the creative control and compensation pyramid.

I’m sure there will be more great things to watch for and emulate as Delilah continues to explore a variety of ways to reach and entertain her audience. And I’m doubly thrilled that the next time I see our friend Andy, I can address him as “Lord.”

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