Worn and Wired

astro chart 3-1-14 cropped
Every line on this sphere has a different magnetic-bipolar flavor. This explains why I’m worn & wired in one glance. What’s your excuse?

“Everyone seems exhausted, what’s up with that?” Was a text from my friend Donna.

My reply: Too much Mars & Jupiter energy with Uranus & new moon.

Donna’s next text: “LOL! Mars is retrograde and is not happy in Libra. He’s probably jealous that Uranus is in Aries showing off. And Jupiter is just being lazy & wishy-washy going back and forth in Cancer.”

Yep, we astro-speak in shorthand.

In addition to the current news about an unhappy Mars; Saturn is fueling the fire under the cauldron in Scorpio while Pluto is rock solid in Capricorn and Neptune is stirring all kinds of deep tides in Pisces. The new moon is still giggling with having tickled them all, and Mardis Gras is done for this year.

I woke up on Monday night during a power outage. I became more alert because I have to arrive-on-time in the mornings now. That’s the only requirement of my grammy-nanny job, on-time, and in clothes. I was very aware when the power was restored and relieved when the green numbers were flashing 12:00AM. I got up to reset the clock according to the time on my cell phone and I heard my computer power up. It’s old and I had to reset the date to 2014 as it reverts back to 2007 when it’s unplugged. That’s what I was doing at 4:14am on 3/4/2014, and that’s why I know the power went out at 3:21am, my new stove has battery backup for the clock.

That reverting back to 2007 when “unplugged” is fun to think about in today’s social media world. I recently watched a movie released in 2009 and the characters had cell phones – not smart phones.  The opening setting is at a NY book publisher, the opening scenes refer to getting an author on “Oprah,” and there are references to print runs. This is the challenge of writing contemporary stories – they can become dated  quickly.

I recently asked my astrologer sister for timing advice on initiating a new project, because of the Mercury retrograde. We had a bad cell phone connection and she misunderstood what I had asked so when she got around to checking my charts she was confused and looked deeper. She actually referenced three layers of astrological aspects. (She analyzed 12 layers to rectify my birth chart – years ago.) When we actually chatted about what I wanted to know in relation to what she had discovered, Mercury Retrograde wasn’t an issue.

Her advice was to do whatever I felt inspired to do because the progressions, and a planetary return or two, aligned with the transits, (I think they are all involved), have the flavor of a karmic-life mission message. In other words, it’s only taken me a little more than five decades of living to arrive at the life I was born to live.  I’m okay with that. I’m not one to tell teens to “find your passion then live it” but I am one to advise making a three-to-five year plan, then make it happen but be willing to deviate a little.

I’m always careful about giving advice, even to my own daughters, because I am a writer – I live in the 4th dimension and TIME is questionable. I’m not the type of writer who operates on the edge of insanity with all kinds of crippling crap. I’m a writer who writes for the joy of the journey. 

That, and playing Patty-Cake with grand-babies. And exploring all the new technologies and options now available for us creative types. We’re a rare breed and I intend to flourish. The greatest choices I’ve made in my life is choosing what I need  to flourish.

My parents weren’t concerned with personal passions – they eventually saw the benefits of flourishing for themselves; each other, their friends, family, communities. Yep, Utopia on a global scale would be nice.

Are you afraid of stinky diapers? I’m not. I want my grandbabies to flourish in their own way. Challenges and adventures are the stepping stones I’ve taken in spite of skeletal, muscular, and joint issues. There have been times in my life when none of those things mattered. And I Thrived.

Being Worn and Wired is a cyclical thing. Like a Mars return every two years or a Jupiter return every twelve years. All of the Above is Open to Interpretation.

Thrive. Flourish.

4 thoughts on “Worn and Wired

  1. Jupiter may be lazy, but it’s a nice planet to have around!
    Good roundup of astro speak….and speaking of that Mars retro, well, at last the Merc retro is done!


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