finding a flow

One of my oft repeated laments as a writer has been, “If only I could get the conflict and drama out of my life – and into my books!”   This month of dedicated focus on rewriting a novel has shown me I’ve learned a few things by holding onto my writing dreams – in spite of those pesky conflict and drama issues in my life.

It all comes down to passion.  My passion is story in all its forms, even the ones taking place within my home and family.  I’m also partial to happy endings and love seeing them around me, and in my daughters lives, and know I was a primary player in their success.  I might not have dozens of romance novels on the shelves (yet!) but I loved writing every one that’s been stuck in a box under the bed – just in case the story has merit in spite of horrible prose.

Ed and I attended the symphony on Sunday.  The night before, my nephew filled me in through IM’s on Facebook about the story behind the music, and it made the experience even more memorable.  It fueled my passion for story on a different level.  I’m really enjoying the new flow I feel for story as I work through the process of rewrites.  Maybe there was something in the music.  🙂

All the other authors linked on my blog have interesting things going on right now.  Deb Stover is presenting “Talking to Invisible People” at her local police station.  Jessa Slade has a European Theme Song and Marc Acito has discovered the conspiracy between wealth and health.

I’ve also added a new  link to my “These Are Great Blogs” – Stacey’s Respite.   And one last piece of advice for writers, go back and review Trish’s astrological posts for October before she posts new ones for November.  One thing I know about astrology is there is a benefit to pause and reflect on what aspects were forecast in comparison to what happened in your life.  May you all find your flow!

If you want inspiration check out this site – the music is awesome – the story – evolving!

2 thoughts on “finding a flow

  1. stacey warner

    I love reading about your passion for story. I feel the same way and it is inspiring, isn’t it…it’s a secret you want to scream from the roof!

    Thank you for linking me here to you and sharing me with your readers.

    Much love


  2. Thanks Stacey – you said it so well. Story – the secret I want to scream from the roof!

    Well said!

    I pick and choose my links slowly, over time, and my own personal research. I’m selective. I’m simplistic. My blog and my story will evolve, but your link is here to stay.

    Much Love!


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